About Me

I passed out of IIT Roorkee in 2016 with a dual degree(B.Tech & M.Tech) in Electrical Engineering but a heart and mind for Data. I have been dabbling about it for quite a while since 2014, since being the first intern @Analytics Vidhya when it was a single room entity.

  • WorldQuant (Research Consultant Internship): Lots of Fundamental alphas with a few which went live and made a decent chunk of money.
  • Cricket Analytics Startup: Lots of learnings and the basis for the blog. Brief but very intense and learning across the board.
  • ML for Trading: Been applying machine learning both for signal generation and bet sizing.

This is alter ego blog for startupanalytics which is more centred around analytical tools, metrics and deploying those from a product point of view. This is a techier and risk version of the blog. More maths, ml etc.

Reach out at abhinav@statarb.in

About Abhinav